This is a full list of the missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Storyline Missions


Ken Rosenberg

Avery Carrington

Juan Garcia Cortez

Ricardo Diaz

Kent Paul

Tommy Vercetti

Gang Missions

Umberto Robina

Auntie Poulet

Love Fist

Mitch Baker

Asset Missions

Tommy Vercetti

InterGlobal Films

Malibu Club

The Pole Position Club

  • Spend $300 inside the dance room.

Phil Cassidy

  • Gun Runner- Kill two gun runners and collect their weapons.
  • Boomshine Saigon- Drive Phil Cassidy to a military hospital in Little Havana.

Kaufman Cabs

Print Works

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

Sunshine Autos


Street Races

Payphone Missions

Hyman Memorial Stadium Events

  • Hotring- Finish the race in first place.
  • Bloodring- Get to 1:00
  • Dirtring- Collect all 30 checkpoints scattered around the ring.

Sparrow Missions

Off-Road Missions

RC Vehicle Missions

Other Missions