Little haiti 1

Little Haiti as it appears in GTA Vice City

Little Haiti is one of Vice City's eleven districts, appearing in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Little Haiti is the poorest district in the city and contains poorly maintained buildings, low-wealth businesses, and smaller homes. Little Haiti is currently inhabited by Haitian-Americans and is controlled by the Haitian gang, who are led by Auntie Poulet and have total domination of the district.

GTA Vice City Stories

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Little Haiti is under the control of the Cholos gang, who at the time also controlled Little Havana. The Cholos lost Little Haiti as their turf after their weapon wearhouse was destroyed by the Cubans, aided by Victor Vance. Due to this, the Cholos seized to exist and the Cubans left Little Haiti open for Haitian control, which takes place two years later.

GTA Vice City

Little haiti center

Center of Little Haiti.

In the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the Haitian gang moved into the district and can be seen in constant gang wars with the Cubans. The Haitians also established their own drug processing plant within the district, which was later destroyed by the Cubans and Tommy Vercetti. Because of the fall of their processing plant, the Cubans had again defeated another gang. Unlike the Cholos who left the district after their wearhouse was destroyed, the Haitians remained in Little Haiti, attacking the player if seen in the district as revenge.

Little Haiti is bordered by Downtown to the north, Little Havana to the south, and Escobar International to the southwest. Junkyard is an unincoperated district located within Little Haiti. Its home to Vice City's only landfill.

Notable Residents

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