The storm drain.

The Little Haiti Storm Drain, as the name states, is a storm drain that runs through Little Haiti, Vice City. It is located behind the Pay n' Spray, east of the Print Works, south of the Cholo Warehouse, and north of the El Banco Corrupto Grande. The Little Haiti Storm Drain appears in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Little Haiti Storm Drain runs through the southern half of Little Haiti. It is located opposite, to the left of Bayshore Avenue. It offers easy passage from north Little Havana to central Little Haiti.

In 1986, the storm drain has since then been vandalized with graffiti by the Haitian Gang, all the graffiti marks relating to the gang itself.

Role in missions

The Little Haiti Storm Drain makes a major appearance in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories mission Jive Drive. Lance Vance drives his car through the storm drain to escape the attacking Cholos.

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