Little havana 2

Little Havana viewed from the northwest in GTA Vice City.

Little Havana is one of Vice City's eleven districts, located in the Vice City Mainland. The district is boardered by Little Haiti to the north, a portion of Starfish Island to the east, Escobar International to the west, and Viceport to the south. The district is home to Cuban-Americans.


The district is based off of Miami's Little Havana district.

The district is known to have more money then Little Haiti. The buildings are more well-maintained than Little Haiti's as well as the businesses and homes. The district is home to the Cuban gang who have had total domination of the district in both Grand Theft Auto games.

They are sometimes seen at war with rival gangs from the Little Haiti district, who are trying to take the district from them. In 1984, the Cubans are at war with the Cholos. The Cubans ended the war by destroying their weapon warehouse in Little Haiti, which results in victory that leaves Little Haiti open for Haitian control which takes place two years later.

In 1986, the Cubans are at war with Auntie Poulet's Haitian gang, who are trying to take Little Havana away from the Cubans. However, with some help from Tommy Vercetti, the Cubans defeated the gang by destroying their large drug manufacturing plant, ending the war between the two gangs. Because of this, the Cubans were able to remain in control of the district.


Notable Homes


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