Little havana VCPD

Little Havana station in GTA Vice City

Little Havana Police Station is one of the four police stations in Vice City and one of the two stations in the Vice City Mainlands. The station is located in Little Havana, Vice City and serves as the heaquarters of the Vice Squad. It's located across the street from the 24/7 store. The station is shaped of a "U'" and is tan in color with green-blue windows. Like the Downtown Police Station and the Vice Point Police Station, its inaccessable to the player. A VCPD Cheetah appears in different colours behind the station and is only available to the player between certin game-times. Also two VCPD Cruisers are parked out front of the station. There is an american flag on a pole out front of the station as well as a large stone that says Vice City Police Department with the seal below it, and a large two-sided advertising billboard. The station is the second largest in Vice City.

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