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Tommy with machete

Tommy Vercetti holding a machete in a beta shot of GTA VC.

A Machete is a powerful melee weapon, that has been featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In GTA Vice City, the weapon is considered to be heavy, despite the fact that the protagonist is unable to sprint with the weapon. When a pedestrian is struck by the weapon, the pedestrian will take half the damage than that of a Meat Cleaver, and they will leave behind a larger blood trail. Because of this, the Machete is the best choice for a melee weapon to replace the absent Chainsaw. The style of the weapon is based off of a Brazilian straight-grip, a large blade variety used for clearing brush. In GTA Vice City Stories, the HUD icon of the weapon looks more like a knife with an extended blade.


GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Located in the middle of a basketball court in Little Havana.
  • Available to buy from the Stonewall J's store in Little Havana for $100.

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