Sonny in final mission 2

A screenshot of the story line mission "Keep Your Friends Close".

Missions are tasks that are given to the player by the person its for. Missions can be activated by walking into a halo, a mission activating icon.

Upon entering a mission, a cutscene begins to play. The cutscene shows what the player is supposed to do and tells the next part of the story. The player can skip the cutscenes by pressing a certin button on the controller. If the player misses the cutscene, diolagues will appear across the bottom of the screen, telling the player what to do in steps. If the stats have it, the diolagues will appear in the "Brief" section of the paused menu.

Types of Missions

Storyline Missions

Storyline Missions are the main missions of the game that tell the whole story. Completing these missions will allow the player to move on in the game and unlock certin areas in and around a city. The player doesn't have to complete these right away as the player can complete them at their own desire. Most players perfer to complete them to see what happens next in the game.

Asset Missions

Asset Missions are business missions that the player completes for their businesses. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the player will be completing a lot of asset missions as the player owns more safehouses in the game than in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Completing these missions are also required for the player to advance through the game. Sometimes, the player will need to complete a business asset in order to unlock a hidden storyline mission.

Side Missions

Side Missions or Side-Missions are job missions that the player can do from a vehicle. These range from chasing and killing criminals, putting out fires throughout the city, drive people in a Ambulance to a hospital, dropping of passangers, delivering pizzas, patroling the beach, and others. Completing these types of missions reward the player with max health or armor, or allowing the player to be fireproof. Other rewards varies.

There are other secret side missions throughout games that the player will need to complete in order to reach 100% Completion. Secret missions include PCJ Playground, Cone Crazy, and others.

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