Modifications, called Mods for short, are alterations to a GTA game. Modifications are created by fans after a game's release, which are also not authorized or endorsed by Rockstar Games. Modifications can be obtained from many Grand Theft Auto websites and fansites

Almost all modifications are free, and may be downloaded and used by anybody. However, there are restrictions on editing or distributing modifications, so permission is always asked for first.

Modifications are mainly used on PC versions of Grand Theft Auto games. There are methods of modifying console versions, but doing this may break the license agreement of the game and the game console.

Types of Modifications

Modifications on websites are always distributed on several categories, depending on the aspect of the game:

  • Maps - Modifications of this type includes the changing or adding buildings, islands, towns, and other objects to the existing landscape. They consist of the added model description with corresponding textures and collision data. Some examples are the Pleasure Island mod for GTA Vice City or the WTC Modification for GTA San Andreas.
  • Missions - Modifications of this type alter or replace the existing script of a mission. Sometimes this includes detailing that mission or replacing it with a new one. The mission script file is responsible for what-happens-when, so modifying it can achieve almost any affect.
  • Patches (fixes) - Modifications of this type don't change any part of a GTA game, but correct errors in the game, like the wrong placed Cuban Outfit in GTA Vice City. Sometimes these modifications also restore hidden features in a game: like Ghost Town in GTA III.

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