Naval Engagement is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Cubans leader Umberto Robina from his father's café in Little Havana, Vice City.


After stealing a van full of drugs from the Haitians processing plant, Tommy Vercetti returns to Umberto Robina, looking for more work. However, Robina is tired of the Haitians mockng him and doing what they like, but Vercetti responds telling Robina that he is letting the Haitians do what they want. Robina begins to praise Vercetti, calling him a 'real man' and tells him, that the Haitians have a big shipment of drugs coming in and wants Vercetti to steal it, so they can finish off the Haitians.

Tommy drives from the café to Viceport, where he meets Rico, standing by a Jetmax. They then head to a mansion on Starfish Island, where they witness the Haitians stealing their merchandise. When they arrive, they notice that the Haitians are dealing with the Sharks, so Vercetti opens fire on the Haitians. The Sharks then begin to kill the Haitians and claim the merchandise. Vercetti then fires at the Haitian ships and arrives on the jetty. Vercetti then attacks and kills the fleeing Sharks and claims the merchandise.

Vercetti returns to Rico's boat, but witnesses the Haitians destroying the boat. The police then come and raid the grounds of the mansion, chasing Vercetti, who escapes back to the Café Robina and delivers the merchandise to Robina.


The reward for completing Naval Engagement is $4,000. If the mission Dirty Lickin's for the Haitian gang has been completed, the mission Trojan Voodoo is now unlocked.