Patrol Invest Group
Pig 1
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Locations: Vice Point, Starfish Island, Leaf Links, Escobar International Airport
Leader: unknown
Gang Type: Security outfit/gang
Enemies: Vercetti Gang
Main Affiliation: Vice City Triads
Vehicles: Baggage Handler, Securicar, PCJ-600
Weapons: Pistol
Teaser (BETA Weapon)
Members: Dick Tanner (deceased)

The Patrol Invest Group, also called the PIGS or Security Guards, is a gang appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. They provide protection at certin events and around certin areas of Vice City.


All PIG members use the same skin model. They appear to be wearing blue uniforms and a hats. On the back of their shirt reads, "Patrol Invest Group" in top-down format. The only difference between the guards is their voices, some members will have low voices and some will have high voices.


Pig 3

Back view of a PIG gang member.

Since they are classified as a "gang", their leader is unknown. The only known member of the gang was Dick Tanner, who was actually part of the European gang, but was killed by Tommy Vercetti for planning a bank robbery that Mr. Black didn't want to happen. They are headed at the DBP Security building in Ocean Beach. They patrol areas like the North Point Mall, Escobar International Airport and various areas around it, Starfish Island, and Leaf Links Country Club.


Unlike other gangs, PIGS don't hang around in groups, as they all prefer to patrol the streets separately. They are known to be armed with pistols when patroling the streets. They arn't hostile towards Tommy Vercetti, but will only attack in self-defense. They will attack the player if the player points a gun at them or fires a gun around their area, reguardless whether it was aimed at them or not.

PIG members patroling Starfish Island may attack or be attacked by the Vercetti Gang or Diaz's Gang if they are spotted on the mansion's grounds. PIG members patroling the Escobar International area will be attacked by the army if spotted around the air base. After Rub Out, the PIGS are in constant gun battles with the Streetwannabes. The police will react against both parties when gun battles occure. PIGS can be seen being chased by the Vice City Police Department if caught in the sight of an officer. The player can earn "Good Citizen Bonuses" by helping the officer beat down the criminal although the player must be careful though as the fleeing PIG member may attack the player with their pistol.


  • "Pig" is a slang word meaning police.
  • The PIGS originally had a Teaser as their primary weapon in the beta version of the game.

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