A Pay 'n' Spray is an auto repair shop in the Grand Theft Auto series. The shop has been featured in every Grand Theft Auto game except Grand Theft Auto 2. The shop allows the player to repair their vehicle, change the color, and lose wanted attention.

Repairing Vehicles

When the player is driving a trashed vehicle, they can take it to the shop and repair it till its new again. Also the shop will change the color of the vehicle and change flat tires. However there are some vehicles in the game that can't be resprayed or repaired. When this happens a message will pop up saying that the vehicle is to HOT to touch. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, some examples are VCPD Cruiser, the Bus, the Rhino, and many more. Strangely there are some police vehicles that can be resprayed and repaired. Examples are the VCPD Cheetah (GTA Vice City only), the FBI Rancher and Washington.

Losing Police Attention

The shop also allow the player to lose police attention. If the player takes their vehicle to a shop and repairs it, the wanted stars will start flashing. However, if the player preforms a drive-by or runs over a pedestrian, the stars that the player had before will return. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the player has to lose the police before respraying their vehicle.


It costs money to spray or repair a vehicle. If the player doesn't have the money, then the shop won't repair the vehicle. The cost in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is $100. If the player enters the Pay 'n' Spray with little damage, the vehicle can be repaired for free. The costs in other GTA games are listed below.

  • GTA 1: Cost depends on vehicle damage or wanted level.
  • GTA III: $1,000
  • GTA Vice City: $100
  • GTA San Andreas: $100 (The player can use Michelle Cannes spray shop for free if the player is dating her.)
  • GTA Liberty City Stories: $100
  • GTA Vice City Stories: $100 (If Civil Asset Forfeiture Compound is completed, the cost is free.)
  • GTA IV: $100
  • GTA Chinatown Wars: $200

Shop Locations

In Vice City, there are a total of five repair shops.

Vice City Beach

  • Ocean Beach
  • Vice Point

Vice City Mainland


  • In GTA Vice City, if the player takes a Rumpo or a Pony to a spray shop, the front bumpers of the cars will be installed incorrectly.

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