Pedro Garcia is a character that is only mentioned on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City website

Pedro is a gun runner who is operating in Vice City circa 1986. The Vice City Police Department is currently tracking his operations. Pedro's bussiness includes buying weapons from out of the state, and selling them on the streets. He is rumored to be a rival of Phil Cassidy in 1986, as Phil also sells weapons.

Tommy Vercetti teams up with Phil for a bank robbery he has planned. After the robbery, Phil decides to work with Tommy some more, giving Tommy a task that includes ambushing Padro and destroying his weapon caravan and stealing his weapons. While doing that, Tommy also brutally slaughters Pedro and his henchmen.

VCBI Record

Pedro Garcia has a profile in the Vice City Bureau of Investigation, although its brief information...

  • Involved in violent gun-running
  • Buying weapons from out the state and selling them on the streets
  • Believed to be a rival of Phil Casidy

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City

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