Phil's Depot is a depot in Viceport, Vice City that is owned by redneck and arms dealer, so-called Vietnam veteran Phil Cassidy. The area serves as Phil's home in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, but shows to be an unoccupied location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Events in GTA Vice City Stories

In the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Cassidy lived in one of the houses located in the compound. The depot also served as a starting point for Cassidy's missions. The player can find two vehicles on the lot, a Yellow Walton (without any cargo) and a Perennial, both owned by Cassidy. Phil also housed a shooting range here.

Events in GTA Vice City

In 1986, Phil has moved to a new compound in Little Haiti, leaving his old compound vacant and abandoned. In the beginning, Sonny Forelli had arranged a drug deal between his associates Tommy Vercetti, Ken Rosenberg, Harry and Lee, with Vance Crime Family brothers Victor and Lance Vance. However, unknown to both parties, Ricardo Diaz's hitmen hid behind the crates and ambushed the deal, which resulted in the deaths of Hary, Lee, and Victor Vance. Those who survived fled the scene and left both the drugs and money behind. Later on in the game, during the mission "Hit the Courier", this area was used by the counterfeit syndicate to bring the counterfeit plates via helicopter into the city. A Rumpo can be found parked near the area and a Mac-10 spawns next to it.

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