Phils place 1

Phil's Place in GTA Vice City.

Phil's Place is an area in northern Little Haiti. It is home to gun runner Phil Cassidy in 1986. The compound is surrounded by high wooden fences and pailings. It's somewhat messy with piles of car parts and crushed cars laying everywhere


Square in shape, the compound is the location of Phil's trailor, which is accessable to the player and two old sheds. There is also a crane sitting on the compond as well as a metal scrap bin. The area also includes a hanger-like hall where a Patroit can be found. After the player completes all of Phil's tasks in GTA Vice City, Phil will begin to sell heavy weapons to the player that the player can't buy anywhere else.


The area wasn't home to Phil Cassidy in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Instead Phil resided in Viceport where he lived at and owned his very own shooting range. It's unknown why Phil moved from Viceport to Little Haiti although one possibly could be the lack of space that he didn't have when he lived in Little Haiti.

Also around this time, the area was known as The Compound and it was one of Victor Vance's safehouses. The Compound doesn't appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as Phil may have demolished the area to make room for his trailor.

When Tommy Vercetti saves Phil in Boomshine Saigon, Phil allows Tommy to purchase weapons from him. The weapons are listed below.

  • Detonator Grenade - $1000
  • Minigun - $10000
  • Rocket Launcher - $8000
  • M-60 - $8000

Hidden Package

There is one hidden package located in one of the sheds that is accessible.

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