Tommy delivering pizza

A screen shot of the side mission.

Pizza Boy is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The mission is reffered to as Well Snacked Pizza in the latter. The mission can be activated by hopping on a Pizza Boy at the Well Stacked Pizza shops.


The whole point of the mission is for the player to drive around on a Pizza Boy and deliver pizzas to customers located around the city before the timer runs out. Customers only range from the pizza shop that the player activated the mission from.

When the player enters the mission, the player is given four minutes to deliver the pizza to the customer waiting on the streets surrounding the pizza shop. The player is required to do a drive-by to deliver the pizza but for convienience's sake, the mission disables any drive-by weapons if the player has any. After the player completes a set of orders, the player will have to return to the pizza shop to advance to the next level. On Level 1, the player is required to deliver one pizza to one customer. The mission adds an additional customer in each new level, while the time limit stays the same. The Pizza Boy can only hold up to 6 pizzas so the player will have to make a few trips back the the pizza shop for more pizzas. There is a total of 10 levels and a total of 55 pizzas to deliver.

The player can fail the mission by running out of time, killing a customer, or destroying the bike. However, if the player fails the mission, the player will have to start all over back at Level 1. If the player completes the mission, the mission can't be redone again.


The reward for completing Pizza Boy is $5000 and the player's maximum health will be increased to 150.

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