Pole position club 2

Exterior of the club in GTA Vice City.

The Pole Position Club is a strip club that is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, located in Ocean Beach, Vice City. The club also serves as one of the player's safehouses in the game.


The strip club is the only strip club that is accessible to the player. At the beginning of the game, the club was introduced by Mercedes Cortez as the player had to drive her to the club. The strip club is inaccessible to the player until the player purchases the strip club for $30,000.


The inside of the club features a bar, stage, and a bunch of tables with seating. Sometimes the player can see strippers dancing on the tables for their audiance. The club also features backrooms that the player can enter and watch dances. After purchasing the club, the player is required to spend $300 in the dance room in order to complete the business asset. Following the completion of the asset, the club will generate up to $4,000 that the player can collect and another backroom will be unlocked to the player.


Unlike the Malibu Club after purchase, the security guards in the club will attack the player if the player attacks the dancers or the customers, reguardless of ownership. Their weapon of choice is the baseball bat. One of the bartenders behind the bar has a Machete that she will use on the player if the player attacks them.


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