Vcpd maverick

A Police Maverick from GTA Vice City.

Police Maverick is a police helicopter that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and other GTA games. The helicopter can be found on the roofs of police stations in cities


GTA Vice City

Dodo vcpd maverick

An Al-winged controlled Police Maverick in GTA Vice City.

In GTA Vice City, helicopter can be seen chasing the player as a three-star wanted level. As the player's wanted level increases, the helicopter will start deploying SWAT officers that will try and kill the player. The helicopter also comes equiped with a microphone speaker that can heard and a machine gun, that has the same firing sound as an M60.

However, when the player is in control of the helicopter, the player won't be able to use the chopper's gun or speaker.


GTA Vice City

Detailed Textures/Parts

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