Print works 2

Print Works as it appears in GTA Vice City.

The Print Works is a printing factory located on the borders of Little Havana and Little Haiti in Vice City. Tommy Vercetti later purchases the print shop for $70,000. After the player completes the missions for Earnest Kelly, the print shop will start earning a maximum of $8,000 that the player can collect. Tommy uses the print shop to create counterfeit money that he planned to give to Sonny Forelli when he arrives in Vice City. However, it doesn't all go well after Lance Vance tells Sonny that the cash was fake, which leads to Tommy killing both Sonny and Lance at his mansion.

Since the shop is located on the border of Little Havana and Little Haiti, the grounds serves as a major battle ground between the Cuban and Haitian gangs, along with the Vercetti Gang protecting the business after the acquisition.

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