Protection Racket is a type of business in Empire Building in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


  • Small-time: $1,500
  • Medium Venture: $2,900
  • High-roller: $4,400

This business and two other businesses (Loan Shark and Prostitution) can be constructed without access to Vice City Beach.


To start the mission enter the premises, approach a gang member and press the R3 button (PS2) or the Up button (PSP). The whole purpose of this mission is to convince the owners of various shops to pay protection. During the mission you recieve a new client by entering the shop and destroying enough of the stock (which can also be used to rob stores). You can also defend one of your client's shop if it comes under attack by an enemy gang. And last you can take the client away from another gang for payback from the previous assult.


  • Hired Muscle outfit, once the player purchases the High-roller Protection Racket business.
  • Reputation: Hoodlum, once the player completes the first job.
  • Reputation: Ultimate Badass, increased income, and $1,500, once the player completes all 15 jobs.

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