Kaufman cabs mission 1

The workers listen to Delores over the intercom

Purchase of Kaufman Cabs is a cutscene that shows after the player purchases Kaufman Cabs for $40,000. After the cutscene is complete, the mission V.I.P. will be unlocked.


Tommy Vercetti arrives at the cab depot and sees two workers working on a car. He meets the old owner of the taxi firm, Delores, who works as the radio dispatcher. After greeting Tommy she announces over the intercom to the workers that the taxi firm was under new management. She asks Tommy which gang he was part of, but Tommy replies that hes not part of any gang. Delores then becomes annoyed and ask him what his name was and Tommy replies. She then announces that the "Vercetti Gang" was going to make sure that they don't get into any trouble. She then mentions how the firm runs, if they get any trouble from rival firms that he was to beat the crap out of them, then they beat out of Kaufman Cabs, then he beats the crap out of the rivals again. She tells Tommy to jump into a Kaufman Cab when he is ready to do work for the firm.


  • This is the only time that the Vercetti Gang's name is mentioned in the game.

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