This page lists the recommendations that are needed when making pages or adding other things. These recommendations need to be used when do these things as it will make the wiki more appealing to the public.

What's recommended?

1. Spelling and Punctuation

When editing or adding pages to the wiki, the proper use of spelling and punctuation is needed. Incorrectly spelled words bother some people and annoys those reading the page. Please use the spell checker if your having problems spelling out a word. Sentences shouldn't look like the examples shown below. Also, make sure that your putting your commas, periods, and quotations in the right spot.

Sentences shouldn't look like this...

tomyy Verctti is the protagoonist in grand Thft auto: Vice city.

Sentences should look like this...

Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

2. No Blank Pages

There shouldn't be any pages on the wiki that are left blank. If a page like that is found then the page will be deleated. A page should be at least two sentences long. Anything that is shorter will be deleated.

3. Naming a Page

When naming a new page, the title should always be capitalized. No title of a page shouldn't start with a lower-cased letter. If found, the creator of that page will be notified to change the name. If the creator doesn't respond, then the administrators will change the name themselves. Also, the name shouldn't be offensive. This redirects back to number one.

Examples: NO → ocean Beach, Ocean beach, or ocean beach

         YES → Ocean Beach

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