Red balloon 1

Victor Vance about to burst a red balloon.

Red Balloons are pickups that appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The name of the pickup is likely a referance to the 1984 hit song by Nena called "99 Luftballons" (99 Red Balloons), which is song that is featured on the radio station, Wave 103, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

There are a total of 99 Red Balloons located around Vice City. To collect the pickup the player must search for the balloons then simply burst them with a gun. The player is required to use manual aim for most of the balloons as some balloons are placed very high up. Sometimes the player will have to use a sniper rifle as some of the balloons are placed so far away. The player is rewarded a little cash for popping one balloon and is rewarded a new weapon at their safehouse for every ten balloons that the player pops. Popping the balloons is required for 100% Completion. A new feature in Vice City Stories allows the player to keep a record of which red balloons have been popped.


  • 10 Balloons: Pistol delivered to all Safehouses
  • 20 Balloons: Scorpion delivered to all Safehouses
  • 30 Balloons: Stubby Shotgun delivered to all Safehouses
  • 40 Balloons: Molotov Cocktails delivered to all Safehouses
  • 50 Balloons: AK-47 delivered to all Safehouses
  • 60 Balloons: Body Armor delivered to all Safehouses
  • 70 Balloons: Flamethrower delivered to all Safehouses
  • 80 Balloons: Equalizer delivered to all Safehouses
  • 90 Balloons: Sniper Rifle delivered to all Safehouses
  • 99 Balloons: M249 delivered to all Safehouses

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