Rio 1

A Rio from GTA VCS.

The Rio is a catamaran sailboat that is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


It somewhat is compared to a Marquis, as the boat features a large additional living space under the mast, but is a lot shorter in length. The boat also features a large folded canopy that hangs from the mast as well as a back-mounted fan which is unspecified, but probably used to read the wind speeds and direction. Also like the Marquis, the Rio also features a bermuda rig, but does not utilize it for propulsion (relying instead on its on-board motor) and lacks a headsail.

The preformance of the Rio is the same as the Marquis, featuring poor speed due to a small motor on a large vessel, making the steering of a Rio difficult. The preformance of the Rio in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is different, which the boat then features better maneuverability.


GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories


  • "Rio" means river in both Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The Rio was supposed to be featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but was removed for unknown reasons. The vehicle's handling entries were leftover on the game.


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