A riot between the security guards and workers.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Ken Rosenburg


Washington Beach, Vice City


Spand Express van (x3)


$1,000, Coveralls Outfit


Four Iron, Treacherous Swine

Cause(s) of mission failure

Player Death

Riot is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Ken Rosenburg from his office in Washington Beach.


Tommy walks into Ken Rosenburg's office and sees him talking with Texas property developer Avery Carrington. Avery tells Tommy about a mini shipping business, Spand Express, that is sitting on some land that Avery wants. The business refuses to give up the land so Avery asks Tommy to topple the bussiness by starting a riot with the workers, distracting the security guards, and destroying their delivery trucks. Tommy goes to Rafael's to change into the Spand Express coveralls outfit and heads to the ordeal. Once arriving, Tommy starts a riot with the workers, kills the guards guarding the trucks, and destroys them.


The reward for completing Riot is $1,000 and the coveralls outfit is available at the Tooled Up shop in the mall. The missions Four Iron and Treacherous Swine are also unlocked.


  • The play doesn't have to go straight to Rafael's after the cutscene is over. They can head straight to the ordeal if they wanted to.
  • This mission is the last mission that the Spand Express van is in. After that, the van can only be obtained during the firefighter side-missions


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