Pizza boy 1

The vehicle that Carl Pearson will be driving.

This is a walkthrough for the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Road Kill.


In order for the player to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Find a vehicle (mostly a car)
  2. Kill Carl Pearson

If the player fails to kill Carl Pearson before he makes all of his pizza deliveries, the player will fail the mission.


Carl Pearson will be driving a Pizza Boy (shown above) and can be found driving around Ocean Beach. If you can't find him, look for the yellow dot on the radar or on the map in the pause screen. Since he's driving a bike, a car is the best choice so you can ram him off the vehicle. Once on the ground, get out of your vehicle and finish him off by either fighting him or gunning him down. Once he is dead, the mission will be completed.

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