The "Rockstar" building is the unofficial name given to an office tower in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, though has no official name in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is the southernmost skyscraper in Downtown, Vice City, located next to the Downtown police station.

The name of the building is taken from the "ROCKSTAR" text on top of the tower.


In general, the building consists of a single towering structure complete with base and rooftop, accessible via a flight stairs, provides access to a secondary enterance several stories high behind the building.

In GTA Vice City, the building is distinctive as the back enterance leads to office interiors that can be entered by foot or vehicle. Consisting of a lower and upper level, the interior spaces are wide enough for small vehicles to roam around. However, the upper level of the building is only accessible via elevator that will only be unlocked during and after "G-Spotlight"; in addition, the elevator only permits the player to access the upper level if they are on foot or motorbike. The building's rooftop can't be accessed as it is above the maximum height that any aircraft can reach. In "G-Spotlight", the building is used as a starting point for the player's death-defying roof-hopping around Downtown using a PCJ-600; the player will also be required to use the builing's upper level to gain speed to fly out of the window and land into a neighboring skyscraper.

The building in GTA Vice City Stories remains largely unchanged. Although, the building does have a few minor changes, such as the interior, which is no longer accessible. The building also features neon lighting, like most skyscrapers in the game have. The roof of the building also sports two large "ROCKSTAR" signs on the eastern and western sides of the building.


GTA Vice City

  • One Hidden Package- located behind some desks on the lower level of the building.

GTA Vice City Stories

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