This page list the rules that need to be followed when using this wiki. None of the rules should be broken by anyone and must be followed at all times. If one fails to follow the rules, the spacific user will be warned by the administrators. Note that you will only be warned 1 time. Anything else that happens past that will result in your profile being blocked.

Administrators reserve the right and have the power to block or ban your profile for a spacific amount of time for bad behavior. If one isn't able to follow these basic rules, the users profile will be blocked permanently. Below lists the rules that should be followed.

1. No Vandalism, hacking, spamming, or advertising

When editing articles, one must not vandalize the page. Examples are purposely removing important contant from pages, continue to introduce mistakes, breaking the layout of the page, or adding other information that doesn't relate to the topic. Using this wiki to promote other websites without permission is not allowed. Hacking, or attempting to gain control of other people's accounts will not be tolerated. Your profile will be reported to the administrators if caught.

2. No pornography or swearing

Pornography isn't allowed to be put on this wiki. Your profile will be restricted of adding pictures if caught. Swearing isn't allowed on pages. Useing words such as fuck, shit, twat, or cunt is inappropriate. Swearing is ONLY allowed if it is part of a quote, script, etc. Swearing shouldn't be happening all the time.

3. No Bullying, threating, or abusing other people

Bullying will not be tolerated on this wiki. The proper use of actions with other people should be used at all times. Threating or abusing others will also not be tolerated. Treat others with respect when using this wiki.

4. No posting copyright text of images

Its tempting to copy text and images to use for this wiki. You must comply with the copyright restrictions even with everything that you post on a page. The person who breached the copyright rule will be held responsible. Short ectractions of content is acceptable. If for some reason larger extracts of content is being added, the person adding the content should mark where the information came from (example: Quote, referances, etc.). It ok, if its alright, to use screenshots and logos on relevant pages, to clearly describe the description.

5. No impersonation or starting rumors

Impersonating another user is forbidden, whether it is attempting to gain access to another user account or creating a similar account. Starting rumors about someone that they're not is restricted on this wiki by all means. Administrators will block you profile if you continue to impersonate another person or continue to rumor.

Users, if you feel like your being bullied, threatened, abused, or impersonated by another user, report it to the administrators as you are allowed to tell on another person on this wiki. Treat others with resect, please.

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