Sabre turbo 1

Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City.

The Sabre Turbo is a muscle car that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.



The car takes its body design from the Sabre. The car doesn't have much difference to it besides that it has a V8 engine sound and a unique permanent paint color. In GTA Vice City, the car features a red body color and with a cream racing stripe. The car in GTA Vice City Stories always has a light green racing strip while the body color can be changed.


The car has good acceleration and good balance. The car features a modified engine that emits a noise that is associated with turbo-charged engines.

In GTA Vice City Stories, it has the same preformance to that of a Polaris V8.

Known Owners


GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Found parked in a parking lot by the airport in Viceport.
  • Always parked outside the player's empire sites.


  • The Sabre Turbo playes the following station, Wildstyle, by default when entered in GTA Vice City.
  • In a GTA Vice City Intro, during the purchase of Sunshine Autos, a Sabre Turbo can be seen with double taillights while the in-game one has single taillights.
  • The player can try and obtain a unique Sabre Turbo during the GTA Vice City mission The Driver. However the car is hard to obtain.


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