Save point 1

Save Icon inside the Ocean View Hotel

Save Points are icons that allows the player to save their game. They appeared in every Grand Theft Auto game. Save Points are always found at the player's safehouses. Since the player can't save the game by simply accessing the game's menu, the use of save icons is used for this perpose


In different games, the save point have different designs. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the icon is a pink cassette tape inside a pink disk. In Vice City Stories, the save icon is a black floppy disk with "Grand Theft Auto" in the top left hand corner.

  • GTA Vice City: Icons are represented by pink cassette tapes
  • GTA Vice City Stories: Icons are represented by black floppy disks.
  • GTA San Andreas: Icons are represented by blue floppy disks with the San Andreas logo on the front.
  • GTA Liberty City Stories: Icons are represented by a CD.

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