Schuman Health Care Center is
Schuman hospital 1

Schuman Health Care Center as pictured in GTA VC.

a hospital that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The hospital is located in Downtown, Vice City.


Like any other hospital located in the city, is serves as a respawn point for the player if they are wasted. The player can find an Ambulance and a Health Icon here. Is is also one of the fewest places that has an address: 1212 Hoarmount Ave.

In GTA Vice City, there is a Unique Stunt Jump located on the roof. This is also the hospital that Tommy Vercetti had to drop off Lance Vance after rescuing him from Diaz's goons.


  • There is a non-solid piece of wall that is located on the southwest side of the hospital. The player can walk through that wall.

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