A Shotgun is a firarm that was first featured in Grand Theft Auto 2, which since then appeared in almost all Grand Theft Auto games. The weapon sometimes appeared as a tier in later games.


The weapon is typically a powerful firearm, which the effectiveness of the gun determins on the distance that the gun was fired from. The gun can fatal in one shot if shot at point blank range. In GTA 2, the game makes it clear that the gun shoots out three bullets at once. This allows the player to hit three people at once if the gun is aimed at a large group of people. In GTA 2, the player can shoot the gun while running which the ability was removed from GTA III games and onwards.

The amount of shotguns in games were added from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and onwards, allowing the player to choose which shotgun they prefer to use. Shotguns from GTA III and onwards were also modified to limit the mobility while weilded. The player character can't sprint with a shotgun, and in some games, required to stand still when firing.

Prior to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a close rang shotgun blast can knock the player to the ground, making the defenseless while on the ground, even with body armor. However, in GTA San Andreas and games from Grand Theft Auto IV and onwards, the weakness was eliminated but the player can still suffer a large amount of damage at close range. From GTA III and onwards, the player can aquire a shotgun with 5 rounds of ammunition by entering a police car, and the shotgun will be added to the player's shotgun slot, if the player doesn't already have a shotgun. If the player has a shotgun already, the player will still receive the ammunition but not the gun.

List of Shotguns

This is the list of the shotguns that appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

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