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The shack in GTA Vice City.

Skumole Shack is a safehouse located in southeastern Downtown, Vice City across the street from The Greasy Chopper. The shack also serves as a safehouse for the player in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City after purchase.


The shack is located on top of a store across the street from The Greasy Chopper bar. The shack appears to be old and rundown. Like the Hyman Condo, the shack can be purchased by the player from the beginning of the game and onwards with the use of cheats, if the player hasn't completed Phnom Penh '86 yet.

The shack appears to be burnt and the is interior gutted, presumably by a fire. Because of this and it's size, the shack sells for only $1,000. The name "skumole" is a referance to "scum hole."

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, a rampage is available inside the shack.

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