Sonny's Right-Hand Man, also
Forelli capo 1

Sonn'y right-hand man in GTA VC.

known simply as the Forelli Capo, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who serves as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is a member of the Forelli Family and serves as Sonny Forelli's right-hand man.



He is first seen in the introduction of the game, talking with Sonny about Tommy Vercetti's release from prison. Sonny decides to send Tommy to Vice City with Harry and Lee to take part in a drug deal. However, the deal gets ambushed and Tommy is ordered by Sonny to get his money back.

Sonny in final mission 2

The Forelli Capo (middle between the radar and Tommy) fighting along with Sonny during the final mission.

Over time, Tommy fails to give Sonny his cut of the money which leads to Sonny sending some of his men to Vice City to collect the money for themselves. Tommy finds all the Forelli gangsters and kills them. Sonny decides to vist with Tommy in person, which then leads to a massive shootout at the mansion between Sonny and Tommy after Lance Vance reveals that the money was fake. Sonny's right-hand man was killed by Tommy during the shootout for betrayal and attempting to kill him. His boss, Sonny, was killed a little while later.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City


  • During the cutscene before the shootout, the capo's model will change to a regular Forelli gang member.

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