-Not to be confused with "Spand Express," for the vehicle with the same name, see Spand Express.

Spand Express is a shipping business that is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, located next to Avery Carrington's construction site in Washington Beach, Vice City. There slogan is, "We'll stretch to fit around your package." The workers of the company can be seen during the mission Riot wearing coveralls with the company logo on the back, tan tee shirts and gloves. Their vehicle is the Spand Express.

During the mission Riot, Avery wants the land that the company is sitting on, but are refusing to give it up. He tells Tommy Vercetti to start a riot with the workers and destroy their trucks, toppling the business in the process.


  • The name Spand Express is a parody of either FedEx or UPS.

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