Spand Express
Spand express
Vehicle type: Commercial truck
Body style: 2-door box truck
Capacity 2 (one driver and one passenger)
Appearances: GTA Vice City

The Spand Express is a delivery truck that is only featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Spand Express is a variant of the Mule, with noticeable differences, like the front fascia and the Spand Express livery, but still maintains the same preformance traits as a regular Mule.

It is used as a company vehicle by the Spand Express company, but only appears in two missions in the game, "Jury Fury" and "Riot". The truck can easily be required during the "Jury Fury" mission as the player is required to destroy the trucks in "Riot". After these missions, there is no other way of obtaining the vehicle, other than cheating or using modifications.


  • The name of the company is a play on FedEx and the clothing material, Spandex, if spoken fast.

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