&nbsp A Special Vehicle is a type of vehicle that has unique qualities in contrast to standard ones. Some of these usually have a unique/permanent body colors and proofing against bullets, explosions, fire, and protection against damage.

Unique Traits

  • Bullet Proof - Vehicles that are bullet proof will recieve no damage from bullets.
  • Fire-proof - The vehicle is protected against fire damage, with an exception if the vehicle was already burning from other forms of damage.
  • Explosion-proof - The vehicle recieves no damage from any explosions inflicted upon the vehicle.
  • Damage-proof - The vehicle recieves no damage from collisions or any forms of physical damage (i.e. mellee weapons).
  • Pop-proof - The vehicle's tires cannot be popped by any means. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
  • Permanent Color - The vehicle's paint job cannot be changed in a spray shop when it could otherwise. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
  • Heavy - The vehicle's mass weight is greater that it should be normally. The call will feel "heavier" and will lose less momentum when colliding into dynamic objects. However, heavy cars are more susceptible to damage and will only take two or even three hits before it starts smoking or even exploding. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
  • Unique Paint Job - The vehicle's paint job is uniqu and cannot be obtained through spray shops, mod shops, or permanent parking spots. However, the unique color can be painted over and will be lost if the palyer takes the vehicle to a spray shop.
  • Unique Handling - The vehicle's handling is altered to allow the player to cut corners and turn more quickly than normal. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
  • Rare - these vehicles cannot be found on the streets and only appear in missions (i.e. Spand Express).
  • Unobtainable - The vehicle cannot be accessed or driven by the player outside the mission.

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