Steve Scott
Steve scott artwork 3
Concept artwork of Steve Scott for GTA Vice City.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Full Name:

Stephen Scott



Date of Birth:

1940, ?


Vice City



Main Affiliation:

Candy Suxxx, Tommy Vercetti and the Vercetti Gang, Mercedes Cortez

Voiced by:

Dennis Hopper

Steve Scott is a character from the Grand Theft Auto series, who serves an a main character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Scott is a pornographic film producer that works at InterGlobal Films studios in Vice City.

Scott is a parody of Steven Spielberg, who is also a film producer. After completing a certin mission for the film studio, posters for the film, Bite will begin to appear around Vice City. The film is a referance to Jaws, as both films feature a giant shark. However, when Tommy Vercetti purchases the studio, he changes the film by removing the shark.

Steve Scott was voiced by Dennis Hopper.


Eary Life

Scott was born in 1940 and is 46 years old in the events of GTA Vice City. Nothing is known about his family.

Scott a director of pornographic movies, working at InterGlobal Films on Prawn Island. He often uses giant sharks in his movies.


Steve scot

Steve Scott as he appears in GTA Vice City.

Scott is first seen attending Juan Cortez' parties, talking to two other guests about his upcoming movie. After Tommy purchases the film studio, he begins to help Scott by hiring Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortez to star in his movie. He then drops flyers from a plane and follows Candy's stretch to a penthouse, where she meets up with Alex Shrub. Afterwords, Tommy decides to advertise the movie by shining Candy's logo on the face of a skyscraper in Downtown, Vice City.

Later on, after Tommy kills Sonny Forelli and Lance Vance, Scott calls him telling that the movie was a success and it made him a millionaire. He finishes up his call by telling Tommy that he was glad that he met him.

VCPD Crime Tree Record

  • Steve scott crime card 1

    Steve Scott's crime card.

    Film director spotted at various parties where organized crime carries on. Thought to be seeking any money he can to finance his films. Shows unnatural obsession with sharks and mountains of mashed potatoes.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City


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