"Your on my turf a**hole!" -Streetwannabes Leader

Streetwannabes leader 1

The Streetwannabes Leader, as he appears in GTA VC.

The Streetwannabes Leader, as his name says, is the leader of the Streetwannabes gang in Vice City. He also serves as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Little is known about the character. He appears to be wearing the same kind of clothes that his gang wears except he wears a black undershirt. He also sports a mustache, another feature that his gang doesn't have. He also used to be a drug partner of Ricardo Diaz until he began to steal some of his money, leading to the two being enemies.

Shortly after Diaz hires Tommy Vercetti, he sends Tommy to meet the leader at his apartment in Vice Point, and to follow him to the place he is stashing the money. Shortly after discovering the place, which is in a run down mansion on Prawn Island, Diaz sends Tommy and Lance Vance to attack the area from a helicopter, kill him, and retrieve the money. After his death, he isn't mentioned again.

Mission Appearances


  • The Streetwannabes don't show to be hostile towards Tommy after he kills the gang's leader.

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