The Chase
The chase 1
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Location: Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island
For: Ricardo Diaz
Target: Follow a gangster to his hideout
Reward: $1,000
Unlocks: Phnom Penh '86
Unlocked by: Guardian Angels
Mission failure:

Player Death
Being busted by the VCPD
Death of the gangster

The Chase is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Ricardo Diaz from his mansion on Starfish Island.


Angered and betrayed, Ricardo Diaz is furious that the leader of the Streetwannabes gang stole 3% of his money. Tommy Vercetti arrives and Ricardo sends him out to meet the gangster at his home in Vice Point then follow the him to the place he is storing the money. After meeting the gangster on the roof of an apartment building, the gangster escapes onto a BF Injection while Tommy follows close behind on a scooter. After chasing the gangster around Vice Point, Tommy discovers that he is storing the money inside a mansion on Prawn Island.


(Diaz' Mansion, Tommy Vercetti and Ricardo Diaz)

Ricardo Diaz: Come on, baby, go! Yeah! Yeah! Arrrr! Stupid Horse! I'll chop your head off! Grrrr...Who is this dickhead? Tommy Vercetti: Tommy Vercetti. You remember me.

Ricardo Diaz: Excuse me. I'm a little anxious. Never trust a goddamn horse! You do a good job - you work for me now. Tommy Vercetti: I work for money.

Ricardo Diaz: As I said, amigo. You work for me now.

Tommy Vercetti: I work...

Ricardo Diaz: Shut up! Some Judas has betrayed me. He thinks I don't know how much money I should be making, but stealing 3% is as good as stealing 100%. No one does this to me. NO ONE. You follow him from his apartement and you see where he goes! Later, we kill him.

(Starfish Island, Tommy.)

Tommy Vercetti: This asshole thinks he can mess with me? If this is the best Vice City has to offer, this is gonna be easy.

(The thief's apartment, The Thief)

The Thief: Ooh, shit!

(The roof, The Thief and Tommy)

The Thief: Loser! Too slow, grandad!

Tommy Vercetti: You better keep running asshole.



The reward for completing The Chase is $1,000. The mission Phnom Penh '86 for Ricardo Diaz is also unlocked.

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