The Driver

The driver 1
Tommy meeting Hilary King before the race


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Malibu Club, Vice Point, Vice City


Tommy Vercetti


Beat Hilary King in a street race




The Job

Unlocked by:

The Shootist

Cause(s) of mission failure:

Player Death, Death of Hilary King

The Driver is a mission that protagonist Tommy Vercetti does indepently from the Malibu Club in Vice Point, Vice City


After getting a safe cracker and a shooter, Tommy needs a driver to help them escape from the deal when the VCPD arrive. Ken Rosenburg tells Tommy that he will be the driver, but Phil Cassidy laughs at him saying to Tommy that he wants a guy named Hilary King, and not some law chump. Phil gives him a call and will work for Tommy if he can beat him in a street race.

The two meet up outside the Malibu Club and take a moment to introduce each other and give Tommy the run down. The two race through Washington Beach to Ocean Beach and through Vice Point while attracting police attention in the process. Tommy beats Hilary and tells Tommy that he will be his driver.


The reward for completing The Driver is $5,000. The mission The Job is unlocked at the Malibu Club.


  • This is the only time that the police will chase you for street racing.
  • If Hilary King is dead during the race, the race will still continue. However when the player passes the finish line, the mission will be failed.


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