The job 4

Phil, Tommy, and Cam raiding the bank.

This is a walkthrough on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission The Job.


Tommy Vercetti is finally pulling off the bank robbery thats he's been planning since he bought the Malibu Club. His goal is to hit the El Banco Corrupto Grande and steal the SWAT's retirement funds.

To complete the mission the player must:

  1. Drive to the bank
  2. Change into the bank clothes
  3. Head to the vault, retrieve the manager
  4. Escape the bank with Phil.


He job 3

Tommy telling everyone the plan to rob the bank.

After the cutscene, get in the parked Taxi and drive to the El Banco Corrupto Grande. Once you arrive, Hilary will take the car and drive around the block. Head for the bank across the street and head right before the enterance to change into the bank clothes. After the hostage scene plays, head up a set of stairs leading up to the offices. Upon entering the offices, look behind and you will see another set of stairs. Head up the stairs and shoot down the PIG near by. Head towards the body of the guard and take a right into the room with an elevator in it. There is a guard in this room so shoot him down. Head to the elevator and it will take you to the vault room.
The job 1

The vault room.

After exiting the elevator, head to a hallway. There is a PIG guarding the hallway so shoot him down. Upon entering the halo by the vault door, Cam will tell you to find the manager. Head back to the elevator and head back to the offices. Upon entering the office area head straight. There is a room to your left with a PIG in it. Shoot him down then head to the room straight ahead, the manager's office. There is also a PIG in here
The job 2

Tommy heading to the manager's office.

so shoot him down. After he's dead, enter the halo and Tommy will retrieve the manager. Head back to Cam's location with the manager. Upon arriving at the vault, Tommy will leave the manager with Cam while he checks on Phil. Head to the balcany area of the lobby and the alarm will sound. Head back to the lobby and enter the halo where player will hear that the VCPD SWAT is storming the place. Eight SWAT officers will enter the lobby of the bank, shoot them all down then head out of the bank with Phil and Cam. Hilary will show up and drop dead by the SWAT team outside. Upon entering the Taxi, take it to a Pay "N" Spray (closest one is located north of the bank in Little Haiti) to lose the cops, then drive to Cam's house (a.k.a. Cam's Can Openers) and enter the garage. Mission is complete.

Video Walkthrough


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