The Mendez Building, also called the Mendez Foundation, is a skyscraper that serves as the headquarters for the Mendez Cartel in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The building is located in Downtown, Vice City, across the street from the Hyman Cando and east of Hyman Memorial Stadium. The building is most likely used to hide drugs that were smuggled into the city by the Mendez brothers. The flying height limit is up to the roof of the building, making it a great spot for players to steal Police Mavericks in the air while being chased by one. Even though the player can see clearly through the building and elevators, hoverever, they can't be accessed. The only to floors that the player can access is the top two floors. Using a Little Willie is an easy way to get into the interior. There is also a health pickup available at the bottom of the building.

Last stand 1

Victor attacking the building in "Last Stand".

The building only makes a major mission appearance in Last Stand. Here, Victor flew a Hunter and used it to attack the building, killing most of the Mendez goons inside, then he finished off Diego Mendez and Jerry Martinez on the roof. Sometime after the Mandez Cartel was wipped out of the city, the building was demolished and replaced by a lower one before the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which occur two years later.

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