The psycho

The Psycho

"I shall see Love Fist burn. Love Fist ruined my life!"
---The Psycho in Psycho Killer

The Psycho' is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He happens to be an enemy of Love Fist and tries everything he can to take them out, even planting a bomb in their car. His voice actor is unknown.


He appears to be dressed as a women, probably as a disguise to get close to Love Fist and make his move. He first appears in Psycho Killer, where he is at the signing event waiting for Love Fist to show up. Tommy Vercetti drives the limo over to the event and sees the psycho shooting a security guard. He chases the psycho down the road in the limo and destroys his car. While Tommy thinks that the psycho was killed in the explosion, the band mentions that he is still alive and they need someone that they can trust to drive the limo. After playing a tape that was found in the limo, they discover that the psycho has planted a bomb in the limo and it will explode if Tommy slows the limo down. Eventually the band survive and he gives up and is never mentioned again.

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