Tour! is a
Tour race map 1

The Tour race route in Vice City.

street race side mission available in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This race, along with the others are provided by A+B Auto and is only available after the player purchases Sunshine Autos.

Starting the Race

To start the race, go the Sunshine Autos Import Garage. Go to the pink marker and select "Tour!". In order to enter the race the player must pay a fee of $5,000, making this race the second most expensive of them all. Once the fee is paid, the HUD will tell the player where to go. Get a car and drive to the designated spot.

The Race

This race takes place around Washington Beach and Vice Point. The track is 4.603km (2.860 miles) long, making it the second longest track in the Vice Street Racer.


The reward for placing first in the race is $20,000 and a step closer towards 100% Completion.

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