The Trailer Park is an area in Vice City that is located in Viceport. The trailer park existed only in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, but was demolished after the death of Marty Jay Williams. Up until 1986, the area where the trailer park was located in GTA VCS is now occupied by a large empty lot.


As the names says, its a simple trailer park that is home to some of Vice City's residents, including Marty Jay Williams, his family, and his gang, the Trailer Park Mafia. It is also Vice City's only known trailer park.


In the events of GTA VCS, the front door of Marty's trailer started as a start point for his missions. From here, Marty gave Victor Vance various tasks to preform for him, such as trashing a store in order to make the clerk pay protection money, stealing cars from the police, and others. In the end, Victor goes to Mary-Jo Cassidy's place to see Louise, by Mary-Jo tells Victor that Marty kidnapped her. He then heads to the trailer park, where he sees Marty forcing Louise into his truck and take off. Victor chases him and kills him before Marty could reach his hideout. After Marty's death, Victor then takes over all the businesses that the Trailer Park Mafia once owned.

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