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Trailer Park Mafia


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories


Marty Jay Williams

Gang Type:

Street Gang






Stubby Shotgun, Pistol, Baseball Bat


Protection racket, loan shark, prostitution


Trailer Park


Marty Jay Williams, Louise Cassidy-Williams, Hank

Trailer Park Mafia, also known as Marty's Gang to the game's stats, is a redneck gang that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The gang is led by Marty Jay Williams, a redneck himself, and are based in and around the trailer park located near Sunshine Autos. The gang members are depicted to be wearing shirts emblazoned with the Confederate flag or tank tops with tattered jeans.

The gang spans to Vice City's poorer communities, bringing further suffering to the city's population. Their leader gets murdered by Victor Vance after being prevented from kidnapping his own wife, Louise. After his death, Victor and his brother, Lance, then acquire the gang's businesses, leading the gang to disband completely. By 1986, the trailer park has been demolished and a large vacant lot sits in its place.

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