Two Bit Hit is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Avery Carrington from his construction site in Washington Beach, Vice City.


After successfully removing a building that has been annoying Avery, he offers his last job to Vercetti. Tommy meets him at his construction site and introduces him to Donald Love, who Avery is trying to teach about business. Avery wants the real estate prices in Vice City to go down, so he mentions to Tommy that a gang war is the way to start. He mentions to Vercetti hat a gang lord of the Haitian Gang has just died and the local Cuban gang was responsible for his death but the Haitians are not aware of it. Avery wants the Haitians know that the Cubans were responsible by starting a gang war between the two and collapsing real estate prices. He has Tommy head over to the Little Havana Tatto Parlor in Little Havana, dress into Cuban gang clothes, and head to the funeral and murder the new gang lord, thus starting the war between the two gangs.


To complete this mission, the player must do the following:

  1. Meet Avery Carrington at his construction site (to start the mission)
  2. Drive to the Lttile Havana Tatto Parlor in Little Havana
  3. Change into the Cuban Gang clothes
  4. Drive to the funeral in Little Haiti (upon arrival, the new gang lord will spot you and make a run for it in his hearse)
  5. Chase him down (damage his vehicle enough to stop him)
  6. Kill him when he exits his vehicle
  7. After his death, leave the Little Haiti area and the mission will be complete


The reward for completing Two Bit Hit is $2500 and the Havana Outfit that was used in this mission is now available at the Little Havana clothes store. All missions for Avery Carrington are now complete.


  • See Two Bit Hit/Script
  • See Two Bit Hit/Walkthrough

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