Vcpd police car

VCPD Police Cruiser in GTA Vice City.

VCPD Cruiser, also called Police in GTA VC, is a law enforcement vehicle, that is used by the Vice City Police Department. The car appeared in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The car resembles a Ford LTD. The only differences to the cars in both games is that the car in GTA VCS features a light grey front and rear bumpers while the car in GTA VC features dark grey colored bumpers. Also, the cars feature different rim designs.

Beta Version

In the beta version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the car originally featured a white body color with red and blue stripes running across the body. The "Police" lettering was in red print while the "City of Vice" featured blue print.


In both games, the cars are fast, light, and prone to tip over easily if the cars hit some sort of ramp or turn a corner at fast speeds. The car features two sires; one default "long-whirl" and the "rotating-weep" which can be triggered by holding the horn button. Also the car features a Shotgun, that will give 5 rounds of ammunition when the vehicle is entered.


GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories

  • The cars can be found at every police station in Vice City.


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