Vice city beach map

Map of Vice City Beach in 1986.

Vice City Beach is the name of the large eastern island in Vice City. The area is also the more affluent part of the city in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The area has three districts; Vice Point to the north, Washington Beach in the middle, and Ocean Beach to the south. The area also has two island districts; Leaf Links and Prawn Island. The beach, which is named the same name, makes up most of the lands landmass.

Vice City Beach is where most of Vice City's millionaires and models hang out. In the game, pedestrians can be seen walking, jogging, or skating along the boardwalk. Most of the buildings along the boardwalk mostly have an Art Deco design.


Tommy Vercetti's first safehouse, the Ocean View Hotel, is located along the board walk. Lance Vance's house can be seen south of the hotel next to a landing pad. A hospital is located in western Ocean Beach and Ken Rosenberg's office is located north of it. Across from Rosenberg's office is another safehouse that the player can buy. A police station can be seen located in Washington Beach as well as the Malibu Club. The North Point Mall is located in northern Vice Point.

The island in the 1984 had several landmarks that were removed before the events of Vice City. Some of these landmarks included the Chunder Wheel, located in a small amusement park that was removed.


Leaf Links is a golf course that is located in the middle of the entire city. The golf course is based off of Bayshore Municipal Golf Course, La Gorce Country Club and Normandy Shores Golf Course in Miami Beach, and the Indian Creek Country Club and Haulover Park in Florida.

Ocean Beach is located in the south portion of Vice Beach. The area is based off of South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida.

Washington Beach is located in the middle of the land. The area is based off of Mid-Beach in Miami Beach, Florida.

Vice Point is located in the north part of the island. It is based off of North Beach.

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