Vice City Bikers
Vc bikers 5
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Location: Downtown, Vice City
Leader: Mitch Baker
Gang Type: Motorcycle Gang
Enemies: Sharks, Cholos, Vance Crime Family, Patrol Invest Group
Main Affiliation: Vercetti Gang
Colors: Black
Vehicles: Angel
Weapons: Pistol, Uzi, Scorpion
Businesses: Protection racket, loan sharking, prostitution, smuggling, drugs trafficking, robbery
Fronts: The Greasy Chopper
Members: Mitch Baker, Cougar, Harris Mint, Gabe Hiker, Zeppelin

The Vice City Bikers, also known simply as the Bikers, is a biker gang that appears in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The gang is headed by "Big" Mitch Baker, a biker himself.



In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, they are the only gang, along with the Cubans, that Tommy Vercetti opens relations without forcibly taking over. He first meets Baker and his gangsters Cougar and Zeppelin when Tommy asks Baker if he wants to provide protection for the Love Fist concert. Baker responds that they do favors for their own, but allows Tommy to prove to him that he can handle a bike properly. Shortly after arriving back at the bar, Baker admits to Tommy that he was betrayed by the Forelli's and was put behind bars for doing all the dirty work. He then has Tommy go around Vice City and cause havoc in Downtown, showing the city how angry he is. Shortly after, Tommy returns to the bar and Baker gives him his last request. He tells Tommy that the Streetwannabes stole his motorcycle and is stored in a garage behind the Ammu-Nation. He tells Tommy that if he can get Baker's bike back, Baker will provide protection for the gig.


In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the Bikers are revealed to be a large gang, owning several businesses in Downtown Vice City and Vice Point. They appear to be at war with the Sharks and the Cholos for Empire sites. In 1984, during Victor Vance's takeover, the bikers are forced into hiding, only controlling a small portion of Downtown where their base operations are runned from The Greasy Chopper bar. They also show to run some sort of small business operation out of the Moist Palms Hotel, as they can be found hanging around there during rampages in GTA Vice City, and during the mission Taking the Fall in GTA Vice City Stories.


In both games, they don't show much of a difference. The only main difference is that the bikers weild UZIs in GTA VCS and Pistols in GTA VC.

The bikers are seen wearing either a black helmet or a red bandana on their head. They also wear leather vests with a black undershirt with a skull on the front, tan or light blue jeans, and black shoes.

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